O.A.S.I.S. Academics: Onyx Lifelong Learning

O.A.S.I.S. Academics: Onyx Lifelong Learning

Onyx Learner Academy

The Onyx experience begins with the Onyx Learner Academy, and each student’s relationship with Onyx University is continuous after Onyx Master Learner Certification. Our students are free to begin courses at any time with consultation of their coach or as a member of a cohort class. These learning opportunities are coached and/or self-determined, not timed.  In this way, we depart from the Credit-hour system, and emphasize competence-based learning (CBL).

Our membership structure, rather than enrollment structure, enables us to offer decentralized and always-available educational opportunities. Learners are able to access their needed course materials at all times, and are provided with access to our academic concierge system, Onyx Corps, for always-available assistance. Further, we provide continuous access to our research and development insights through Alexandria 21.

Onyx Methodology

Our methodology breaks down self-determined learning into key concepts that our students can understand and action within their learning journey so that they can get the most out of every experience.

O.A.S.I.S. stands for Opportunity, Action, Scholarship, Immersion, and Stewardship. This acronym demonstrates the process of being an Onyx Member.

Opportunity – We begin with opportunity rather than assessment. Onyx provides a learning opportunity, experience, and capability suite – but we recognize that we are not the sole option.  This proceeds by proposing which of these we think will be most beneficial to the learner, converse with them to develop a plan of action, and then begin.

Action – We emphasize active learning and participation in our methods. This comes from our emphasis on the practitioner end of the researcher-practitioner spectrum. Our developmental procedure follows an action research process, and we encourage this in our learning methodology as well. Learners will actively identify their opportunity areas, strengths, opportunities, capabilities, and available paths. We will formulate and facilitate the process of creating the journey forward, providing the support for success, and the environment for thriving.

Scholarship – Onyx’s emphasis on foundational knowledge and source texts revives the academic tradition most clearly seen in the works of Plato, and subsequently underutilized since the era of Scholasticism. We bring the approach to theological texts to the great texts of the past from source and foundational materials. For example, we will encourage reading Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor to learn about value investing, rather than providing a summative textbook on the field.

Immersion – Once armed with a deep and wide awareness of humanity’s past experiences within a domain, an architecture and environment to proceed, capabilities to succeed, and a goal and vision, we develop and provide an immersive project-based experience in conjunction with the learner to provide both personal and public evidence of their learning. This may involve creating a digital asset, proposal, presentation, etc.

Stewardship – After accomplishing their project, the learner will be facilitated onwards in their journey, whatever those next steps might be. This may mean continuing with Onyx studies, external education & employment, or a myriad of other opportunities. This facilitation will include progress reviews, knowledge security and retention, and a plan for continued development.

Onyx Self-Determined Learning

Our process is iterative with multiple points of personal accountability, self-reflection, coaching, assessment, and support. Onyx provides Onyx Corps guidance throughout the entire process.

Learners and coaches interact through a 1:1 coaching relationship, with Onyx University and individual Coaches providing cohort-style progressions through the courseware as well. Learners and Coaches are both members of Onyx Black, and utilize the Onyx University system for their Onyx duties, and may do so for their personal duties as well.

This structure allows us to simultaneously offer a core conventional learning progression that culminates in our new qualification as the practitioner equivalent of the Ph.D, along with a sequential progression that can be entered for professional certification purposes.

Our training is structured as a continued series of certifications, or Belts, that sequence according to a non-time-bound progression through the typical university journey.

Onyx University assessment is a qualitative process, and an ongoing process between the student and their coach that results in their public-facing profile to display their achievements, their personal learning records & plans, and their portfolio.

This involves project-based learning through either Onyx curated, externally created, or personally ideated assessments to demonstrate capability within their intended domain of study.

Students are not required to learn at a given pace, or for a given pupose. Rather, Onyx University provides learning experiences in an always-available & on-demand format. This way, learners may approach the foundational knowledge, coaching program, and supplemental resources at any time.

Doctor Onyx

Welcome to Onyx, my name is Chris (CK), and I am a lifelong learner with a vision for a 21st Century lifelong learning digital landscape. Life is good.

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