Onyx 101: Welcome to Onyx Education 3.0

Onyx 101: Welcome to Onyx Education 3.0

What is Onyx Education 3.0?

Onyx Education is a global digital learning network addressing the needs and concerns of today's learners. Each Onyx Learner begins a journey of academic support, personal growth, and professional development curated for their individual goals & purposes.

What are Onyx Education's Values?

We have our roots in the United States of America, and we believe that learners, educators, administrators, and stakeholders of all kinds from New York to Tokyo, Hanoi to Dubai, Cape Town to Lagos, Asana to Tallinn, London to Santiago and back deserve equal access & support in their educational endeavors.


Onyx Education is committed to providing our members with not only the best of our educational offerings, but those available to them anywhere.

We provide access to a Master Learner Academy to develop your independent learning skills, and to introduce the skills necessary to successfully navigate the 21st Century lifelong learning landscape.


Onyx Education is committed to providing our members with access to the best digital capabilities and opportunities the world has to offer.

We strive to traverse the digital world to seek out pioneering & innovative partners, technologies, and insights in order to reduce the friction between those who want to learn and the information they seek.


Onyx Education is committed to advocating for the success and support of all learners, members or not, around the world.

We provide opportunities and pathways for development curated to your expressed needs, and ensure that our learning content is as accessible as possible with world-class coaching & support.

What are Onyx Education's Principles?

Our learning experiences embrace Education's timeless traditions, and develop systems of delivery & support for innovative experiences curated for every learner.

"I think learning online should be an adventure, a journey. Onyx Education is an oasis for providing new standards of Education that command the best for all learners." - Chris Kelly, Onyx Founder & CEO

Digital Education

Online education has reached two separate paths of maturity, but conventional educational methods are not synthesizing them as effectively as necessary to meet the opportunities ahead of us. Academic institutions are consistently working to improve their course content for online delivery, while commercial institutions are consistently working to improve their learning design. Both streams of development are necessary for providing an excellent learning experience.

New Learners

The current trends of education have been accelerated due to the events of 2020, and the currently utilized frameworks are not adequately handling the needs for rapid development, change, and delivery that modern learners deserve. Additionally, the new influx of learning needs can not be adequately addressed with current structures that have calcified since the advent of the assembly line. A new environment needs a new approach, and the digital world provides a great many opportunities for success.

Continuous Learning

Learning needs currently span widely beyond the typical constraints of the classroom, the academic school year, and even the K-12 through university system. Learners have broken out of classifications according to age, location, and a myriad of other demographics, and the current structures that rely upon these distinctions are proving unready to provide effective solutions to the problems. The need to supply lifelong learning opportunities and access to support is clear, and we are rising to the challenge.

Open vs. Closed Knowledge Access

The knowledge access procedures that have greatly served publishers and the general research paradigm up until this point are necessarily being revised. In a time when research papers that go unread are the primary focus of publication for the stewards of the world’s knowledge while textbook costs have skyrocketed to stratospheric numbers, the decentralized nature of digital distribution greatly increase learner access to the world’s knowledge.

Researcher-Practitioner Divide

The researcher-practitioner divide is being crossed through private industry’s pivot toward thought leadership as a marketing practice. This has provided spaces for action researchers, pragmatists, and generally those whose research interests are proactively discouraged until recently to innovate in brand new ways.

Self-Directed Learning

Learners are now required, capable, and demanding to have education that is directly relevant to their lives, not only forced upon them.  The need for attending learner motivation and individual interests has always been present, but the call for these changes are only getting louder. It is important that we provide opportunities for learners to provide input into their learning experience, and support for their capabilities to be their own advocates and strive for success.

Academic Quality

Increased calls for accountability are opportunities to redouble efforts to assure the quality of our academic offerings. However, the quality standards for the academic delivery of higher education content have not kept up with the accountability sentiments of the public for a long time. We seek out and partner with organizations all over the world working toward establishing a new standard.

Project-Based Learning

In recent years, there has been a significant recognition of the necessity for project-based learning. This is true for both teachers to have an effective channel to provide learning and opportunities for their students, and learners to receive a tangible evidence of their learning. The experiential nature of project-based learning leads students to create new ideas and systems to solve critical problems.

Personal Mastery

Similarly, Personal Mastery as a concept and its educational components & offshoots are coming back to the fore due to their emphasis on personal achievement, self-reflection, recognizable capability, and independent verification processes. The increasing emphasis on co-ops, apprenticeships, fellowships, and even the breakdown of the tenure system are manifestations of Personal Mastery returning to the contemporary conversation.

Self-Determined Learning

Learners are increasingly becoming aware of their capabilities to self-instruct. The networks of today’s educational landscape and its information marketplaces mean there is an abundance of information. We are also running into problems of disinformation, questions of quality, and at times even overabundance. Modern learners are tasked with navigating these currents, and we provided personalized training in self-determined learning to ensure you are ready.

Personalized Curriculum

We see an observable rapid rise in online course offerings, providers, and organizations. However, these largely do not constitute learning pathways, long term development, or full curricula. We provide a system to teach you how to develop your own journey to the highest academic standards in order to ensure you are progressing toward your goals in an efficient & effective manner.

Stewardship & Accountability

We promote the need for a return to stewardship to education as a field. The direct parallels between learning and economic capability are more evident than ever before, and the calls for educational institutions to deliver on their promises of return on investment are not going away. In the way that financial institutions are needing to grasp stewardship as a central tenet for their future operation, the same is true for educational institutions. We strongly encourage this development.

The Onyx Experience

We are devoted to providing educational services, courses, and resources for personal and professional growth that are content-rich and globally accessible.

Always-available Coaching

Our individualized coaching experiences do not have requisite beginnings nor ends, with cohort programs being offered regularly to already-enrolled Onyx Learners. This delivery system allows both synchronous & asynchronous learning to occur within the same system, and the project-based nature of our learning allows significant flexibility in scheduling and assessment.

Individualized Instruction

Our coaching occurs through a 1:1 relationship, with available scheduled cohort-style programs and a selection of sessions that can be scheduled as desired by the learners. By being a networked coaching-first organization, we are able to scale our capabilities along with the speed of the most recent technological innovations.

Automated Support

By utilizing digital communication tools, we are able to provide a selection of schedules for automated reminders, arrange specific coaching schedules and interventions between sessions, store session notes and outcomes, and provide an academic support environment and atmosphere for all learners.

Educational Planning

We deliver curated personalized development plans and seek out opportunities for Onyx learners and members along the model and standards of financial planning. This involves continuous monitoring and support, stringent attention to quality, and unquestioned expectations of provided value and service, with clear and present accountability.

Networked Access

The ability to provide access to students increases as our network expands, and is designed to scale at a steady pace, with the capabilities to handle exponential growth. Our digital presence and university campus provides scalable locations for digital learning and networked access to learners and teachers in both directions in support of all in-person endeavors.

Ongoing Development

The Onyx development plan calls for ongoing development by all stakeholders at all levels. Feedback and reflection are integral parts of all Onyx processes, from multi-loop learning to student course reviews being viewed as immediately valid sources of feedback as a starting attitude by all involved.

Capability-Based Learning

Onyx educational experiences are aimed at providing our learners with the capabilities to expand their competencies and horizons, and thus further expand their capabilities. We aim at providing the capability to acquire competencies, rather than aiming to provide competencies. This means Onyx’s educational journey is deeper, wider, slower, and more involved, with a stronger sense of commitment. We are aware of this, and thus provide open channels for entry and exit from the journey, as well as access to our core Oasis program to all learners, regardless of their Onyx membership status.

Doctor Onyx

Welcome to Onyx, my name is Chris (CK), and I am a lifelong learner with a vision for a 21st Century lifelong learning digital landscape. Life is good.

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