Onyx Agora: The Onyx Academic Mastery System

Onyx Agora: The Onyx Academic Mastery System

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About Onyx Agora

Onyx Agora Academic Mastery Service is a facilitated digital environment for learning and reinforcing your professional capabilities and qualifications. Our goal with this program is to facilitate learners achieving industry recognized qualifications (PMP, Microsoft/Google Certified Educator, Lean 6 Sigma, etc.) that we do not provide, and to provide apprenticeship opportunities for our members with Onyx Corps.

Learners will be tasked with developing an independent professional opportunity, with our provided resources & direction to do so. This may come in the form of their own freelancing and consulting abilities, as part of a team or agency in Onyx League, a startup, or any available side hustle that they desire.

For a learner approaching Onyx prior to their university studies, this would be their supplemental experience during their higher education studies, especially in the latter years. For adult & professional learners, this would be their supplemental experience to upskill, learn new skills, network, and continue their pursuit of professional excellence.


Onyx Apprentices participate in our facilitated training in the OASIS methodology. This involves the foundational education required to join Onyx Corps that includes knowledge of subjects in the Adult & Professional Education domain. These skills are necessary on both a conceptual and practical level.

This means that Apprentices will be expected to engage as proactive members of the Onyx University community from day one. In order to do this, we ensure that all of our Apprentices are equipped with the necessary tools and resources they need to succeed. The full complement of Onyx digital tools are available to our Apprentices.

This methodology requires teachers to immerse themselves in the domains in which they will be coaching through academic study and facilitated engagement. This engagement is an experience provided by Onyx through:

Onyx Education, Inc.’s educational administrative needs

Onyx Corps’ societal service needs

Onyx Global’s business development needs

Nuo Digital’s commercial distribution needs

Apprentice curated opportunities

Onyx Training is through the channels of university education, and lead to progression through our Belt system – a direct parallel offering to the conventional degree program system. This system does not require timed progression, mandated objective, or uniform purpose. Rather, we certify degrees of knowledge and domains of capability by facilitating depth of knowledge and breadth of capabilities.


We do not enforce any private-life restrictions on our Apprentices. This means that Apprentices are free to engage with Onyx on-demand, without consequence for departure & return, or other actions such as working for a competitor, participating in other employment or education opportunities, or etc.

Onyx Salon can be conceptualized as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and founder accelerator, with the ability to join and leave at any time. We certify achievement in domains of knowledge, and do not arbitrarily update or add requirements without need. This means that once the certification is achieved in a Belt’s foundational knowledge, that certification does not expire and will only require re-certification as research innovations require.

Should an Apprentice depart and then return, there will be a need for retraining, although this training will be conducted through self-assessment and re-assurance. This re-connection experience is offered freely, and is conducted without consequence.

Onyx Apprentices are simultaneously encouraged to offer their own services at their own rates with our full institutional support (including their development of other universities/competitors – enthusiastically on this front) along with having the opportunity to join our opportunities with Onyx Corps.


Onyx Apprentices are provided with full access to all publicly available Onyx courseware, experiences corresponding to their Belt, and a space to develop their digital office to meet clients and collaborate with others.

These foundational tools are provided throughout their training, and Apprentices receive advance access to proposed courses, experiences, tools, etc. Further, Apprentices are actively encouraged and facilitated toward externally generated experiences that lead to industry recognized certifications, and offered sponsorship for their learning experience in exchange for curating an Onyx learning experience within that domain upon their Mastery of the domain.


Onyx Apprentices are assessed according to their progression through required training, as well as in performance. Onyx Apprentices are obligated to participate as facilitators for those who are constructing their Onyx Oases and Agoras – according to their availability and circumstances.


Each Belt has an assessment stage that leads to a cumulative development path. Each Belt assesses Apprentices according to their feedback from their clients, self-assessment, quantitative indicators, and deliverables.


Belt advancement starting with the Platinum Belt requires an innovative aspect of the Apprentice’s (then Steward’s) practice. This can be through theoretical research – under the condition that a personal proposal and plan of action are included, with first steps taken – or action research – either with Onyx or elsewhere – with equal consideration.

Onyx apprenticeships are pathways for our learners to be able to develop their professional skills in a real world environment. Functionally, this program is for the elimination of the unpaid internship. Apprentices will be paid at the standard full-time rate, while being tasked with required learning opportunities and service obligations.

These may require apprentices to attain qualifications, serve with Onyx Corps, or any number of other academic functions (research, administration, campus tour guide…etc.) that will offer experiences that align with their career goals (e.g. data scientist, entrepreneur, event planner for the previous examples).

It should be noted that Onyx apprenticeships offer a flipped experience from the internship as conventionally understood. Rather than apprentices being utilized as “gophers/go-fors” and being provided with operationally useful tasks to “learn by observing”, we delegate our company’s core functions to trainees whenever tactically possible. This simultaneously curates an extremely engaging and directly useful experience for our apprentices and learners, while facilitating our capabilities to be an agile, always-available, learning organization.

The Onyx Apprenticeship, our core training offering, is the sole way to join Onyx as a full-time employee.

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